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Dog Licensing

M.R.S.A. TITLE 7, Chapter 703, Section 3451. Owners or keepers of dogs 6 months old or older as of January 1, or at such time a dog becomes 6 months old must procure a license annually from the Town Clerk. All dogs must be licensed at the regular fee of:

Male $11.00
Female $11.00
Neutered Male $ 6.00
Spayed Female $ 6.00

All dogs shall be considered capable of producing young unless a certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian stating that the dog, if female, was made incapable of producing young by spaying by her or, if male, was made incapable of producing young by sterilization by him or by a previous registration. A certificate of immunization for rabies must be presented at the time of licensing. Immunization must have been preformed three years preceding the date of application of the dog license. The Department of Health and Welfare will accept no exceptions on the immunization against rabies. Only uniform rabies certificates shall now be honored. The ruling became effective January 1, 1973. A dog owner, upon presentation of a rabies certificate other than an official certificate should be advised to obtain an official certificate from a licensed Maine Veterinarian.

Late fees: An owner or keeper required to license a dog under section 3922, subsection 1 or section 3923C, subsection 1 and applying for a license for that dog after January 31st shall pay to the municipal clerk or dog recorder a late fee of $25.00, subsection 1.